• Only one entrant may be involved in the design, no collaborations are permitted. You may use actors to complete the script/voice over requirement.
  • Entrants will use the scene provided to create the sound design.
  • All elements of the sound design must be original student work. If it is in the public domain, students need to change or update to create their own vision.
  • Directors will sign off that work is original work. 
  • The script/prompt may not be altered in any way. The order of events and how the script/direction is navigated is what is being judged.
  • The time period the show is set in may be changed as long as the time period is supported by the final product and concept statement.
  • All designs are due by midnight on January 12, 2024. Winners will be announced at each festival with the top sound design for each festival being played during opening ceremonies.

What to Prepare

1. Concept Statement (PDF)

  • 7-10 sentences explaining the thought process, any time period updates, challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

2. Submit 3-5 screenshots on how you made the digitally edited or created Sound FX or made changes to the original source material for the other elements (JPEG or PNG)

3. Submit a PDF or Word Doc of your sound cues on the script provided

2. Final Track will include

  • At least 2 Music Tracks- Orchestral Only, No Vocals
  • At least 2 Foley Sound Effects
  • At least 2 Voice Overs
  • At least 2 Ambient Sound Effects
  • At least 2 Sound Effects (digitally edited or created)     
    • If a sound design is done effectively you will have many more than the minimum



Texas Thespians